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Stepono Batoro g.


Price: 800 000 EUR

Modern A+ class newly built house in an exclusive location in Pavilniai Regional Park

Main information

About the house:
- A modern architecture A+ class four-room residence in a unique location right next to the city centre.
- A newly built semi-detached house, with one side for sale - the design area is 145.8 sq.m with a 7.5 are plot share. Only the highest class materials are used for the construction of the house, and the owner keeps one of the semi-detached sides.
- The highlight of the first floor - extremely high living room ceilings up to the roof of the house, 6.35 meters at the highest point. A fireplace is planned in the living room. The first floor also has a kitchen and dining area partially separated by stairs, a 17.8 sq.m bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe, and laundry room. The total design area of the first floor is 103.6 sq.m.
- Excellent window orientation - living area windows are oriented towards the southwest and west, so lots of sunlight will enter, auxiliary facilities and car parking on the north side of the house.
- The plot is surrounded by trees, through the large living room windows, you will be able to enjoy the views of greenery. High privacy, only a few houses around, plots hidden by trees.
- On the second floor, two bedrooms, a spacious 17.5 sq.m main bedroom with a private dressing room, a second bedroom, bathroom. The total design area of the second floor is 42.2 sq.m (from 1.6m).
- Construction completion planned until full partial finishing in spring 2025.
- A modern fence with landscaping will be installed between the plot parts.
- The house plot for sale will have an exclusive natural pool, which almost requires no maintenance, an investment into an ecosystem that will maintain itself. More information about the pool can be provided during the meeting.
- Heating is aerothermal, a separate high energy efficiency boiler for each house - an air-water heat pump with a recuperation system. Underfloor heating laid out in each room.
- Recuperation - a recuperator will be installed, recuperator ducts laid out.
- Plumbing points will be installed, electricity laid out, walls plastered.
- The highest quality sound insulation will be installed.
- The buyer's preferences can be considered while constructing and equipping the house until full partial finishing.
3 car parking spaces are planned.
- The house location in Pavilnius Regional Park: few neighbours and the opportunity to find and buy a plot in this territory is extremely difficult. - It is a prestigious location near Pučkorių exposure, close to Belmontas, Liepkalnis and all the cognitive trails of Pavilnius park.
- Transport – only 10 min to the Old Town, 14 min to Vilnius airport, 6 min to Vilnius train station, and 10 min to New Town.
- House reservation with a 5% initial deposit. An additional 15% deposit is paid during the construction according to the agreed stages. The remaining 80% is paid after completing all works and registering the house at 85% completion.

- House technical parameters:
- Foundations – drilled (pile) with a grillage. The grillage is insulated from all sides with thermal insulation.
- External walls – masonry (silicate blocks), insulated with thermal insulation (Polyurethane PIR board, 180mm) and finish – thermos-wood siding.
- Internal load-bearing walls are masonry (silicate blocks). Internal walls are plastered.
- Thermal insulation materials are fire-resistant, do not absorb moisture.
- The building's roof is double-layered, with integrated skylights. The supporting elements – wooden construction. The structure is insulated with a layer of thermal insulation.
- A local water supply and sewage disposal will be installed with a water well and a biological sewage treatment plant.
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