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Price: 299 000 EUR

On the outskirts of Antakalnis, in a pine forest, an exclusive and non-standard, fully equipped 2-story semi-detached house with a living room ceiling of over 4 meters and showcase windows is for sale!

Main information

The house has a plot of 4 acres and a common courtyard. The house is 750 meters from the Balzis ring stop, there are two lakes nearby: Skarbelios and Balzis, and there is also a stud farm nearby. The house is sold with all built-in furniture, as well as two storage rooms inside and one outside, which is under construction. The house has a private courtyard outdoor terrace with lighting and landscaped and landscaped surroundings, as well as a balcony on the second floor. There is a large parking lot outside, a solid and orderly community and great neighbors.

• Number of rooms: 4 rooms, 119.47 sq.m. + 25 sq.m. terrace + balcony.
• Prepared and paid for road asphalting and lighting project;
• Bathrooms: 2;
• Number of floors: 2;
• Year of construction: 2017, installation in 2020;
• House type: brick;

• Electricity: 15 kw for each house;
• Heating: air/water heat pump;
• Floor heating;
• Water supply and sewage: the house is connected to a local 80 m deep borehole and local certified biological treatment plants.

• Class B house;
• Walls - masonry, insulated with neopore - 300 mm, external finish: decorative plaster, paint;
• Roof - insulated with a 400 mm stone wool layer;
• Ceiling height: first floor living room 4.36 m, entresol 1,78 m, rooms 2.75 m, second floor 2.90 m;
• Windows: "Gealan" two-chamber plastic showcases, all windows on the first floor facing the private courtyard;
• Exterior door: glazed;
• Floor: throughout the house - adjustable heated floor system with programmable room temperature sensors, concrete floor;
• Stairs: monolithic reinforced concrete, curved;
• Walls: painted, floors laid, all built-in furniture, kitchen, bathrooms with plumbing;
• Bio-fireplace;
• The territory is surrounded by a fence.

• 15 km to the city center;
• 750 m to the "Balžio žinjas" public transport stop;
• 5.75 km to PC "Maxima";
• 6.54 km to PC "Norfa";
• 1.58 km to Tapelais landscape reserve;
• ~ 900 m to Balzis and Skarbelis lakes.
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